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My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of my work for my designs in my work-in-progress animated series, Headgear

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Sonic The Hedgehog in Gravity Falls

Afro Samurai in
Demon Slayer

Kingdom Hearts
Original Keyblade; Star Striker +Multiple Transformations

Kingdom Hearts
Original Character- Heath
With and Without Hat

Big Hero 6's Hiro Hamada as Spider-Man

Photoshopped  Robot Made from Machine Gun Pieces

Photoshopped  Robot Made from Pisto Pieces

Hiro Hamada Spider-Man Insignia (First Draft)


Gurren Lagann
Original Mecha/Ganman
Godenn Mullet

Gurren LagannOriginal Mecha/Ganman

Gurren Lagann
Original Mecha/Ganman

Helluva Spawn
Todd McFarlane's Spawn in the Helluva Boss universe.

Spawn Lagann
Tod McFarlane's Spawn performing the Giga Drill Break(er) technique from the mecha anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Digi Shield
A device that can be used to bring monsters from the Digimon Trading Card Game to holographic life like the Duel Disk from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Helluva Boss Logo.png

Helluva Spawn (logo)
A photoshopped logo I made for my fan fiction crossover

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